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I’m having a hard time posting this for whatever reason. I’ve typed it out 3 times now, and it hasn’t gone through once yet, which is frustrating. hopefully it doesn’t post it a million times later on..


I’ve been having some yellowing of the newest leaves on some 15 day old seedlings. The got a bit stunted due to a power outage last week from hurricane Fiona, and the the yellowing started after transplanting them to a coco/perlite mix. Initially I thought it was a calmag deficiency, so I started a twice daily foliar calmag spray a couple days ago. It didn’t seem to improve right away, so I checked my runoff EC, and it was around 1100 µS, so I fed/flushed with some nutrient solution ~500 µS last night. That seems to have worked, as it seems like the new growth is coming in quicker, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to try to post this without the pictures, because I’m thinking that may be screwing up the post(?). I don’t know, I’ll try to upload the photos if I can.

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