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Lol, bro I know.  When we first bought this house last year we were having damp crawl space issues.  So I decided to take 3 weeks off work and install a foundation drain.  I dug a trench a foot and a half wide and anywhere from 18-36 inches deep, and 180 ft long around my house, with a shovel.  Then sealed the foundation, filled the trench with gravel, sock pipe, more gravel, landscape fabric, then dirt back on top.  It was the first real thing that showed me I’m not young anymore.  I didn’t even think it was going to take me 3 weeks.  After the first couple days I was thinking “what the fuck did I get myself into”.  Where I started the foundation wasn’t but maybe 18 inches deep.   Then I turned a corner and it went down 36 inches for about 50 ft.  But I kept on.  Went broke doing it.  But my fucking crawl space is dry.  That’s why I was so impressed with all your digging.  I feel you pain and your accomplishment.

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