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Silica is an awesome addition to our mediums nutrient regimen.
It helps build resistances like pests, heat spikes & cold dips, mold, drought, and quite a few other benefits like even giving your plants the ability to strive with high salinity.
Google “Silica in cannabis 🪴 ”  There is so much info that will make you want to add silica to your water.

Yes, silica products should be the 1st thing added to your water.  IT WILL RAISE THE WATERS PH LEVEL!  So I recommend doing a Mach watering *just a gallon of water to make a test Bach*

Mix your nutes as you would per the gallon of water. Then check ph. Add your silica product. Use 5ml to see where it takes your ph. Keep track of how much you use to bring ph to your optimal range.
This will be the amount of silica you want to add prior to mixing in your base nutrients & other supplements. After mixing, you should not have to PH again. (Til you mix more)

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