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Tried to post this the other day but kept getting an error message, I wonder if they cap how many replies you can post a day?  Anyway, on with my long winded reply and I apologize in advance if I put anyone to sleep lol.

I use to use canna coco with either pro blend pro, earth juice or finally canna nutes w/bcuzz organics supplemented.  If there are any specific questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

Biggest difference between coco and peat grows is that coco doesn’t suffer from compaction nearly as much and wicks water much better as it’s not hydrophobic like peat.  Combined with the higher CEC in coco which makes hydration more important so nutes are available, it really does better when kept at a higher saturation level consistently instead of aiming for a solid wet/dry cycle like you would with peat.  When I grew for compassion clubs my standard set up was 64 one gal pots on a 4×4 with a 600w HPS grown in 50-75% coco and 25-50% perlite which I’d basically run as a recirculating hydro system hand watering them daily which gives you a lot of control along with a lot more work.  Autopots or sub irrigated planters seem like a good natural fit for coco grows, I don’t know much about the flora flex other then it looks like an evolved drip system where you don’t have to worry about clogged drippers.,

With higher soil saturation levels you also want to make sure your room is balanced; no big temp/humidity swings, enough lighting and especially a solid VPD with lots of air circulation withing the tent/room.  I’d try to keep the evatransporation high (combination of how much is transpired and evaporated from the grow) since the high CEC of coco will tend to hold nutrients more then peat.  Using fulvic acid might be worthwhile to ensure those hard to absorb minerals are chelated and more available, sometime a bit of preventative is worth it’s weight in gold seal hash…  That really depends on how confident in your diagnosis abilities though.

Speaking of prevention instead of reaction, if you’re keeping the soil moist so the nutes are readily available then it’s a good idea to consider adding BTi to your water or soil to keep fungus gnats out of the picture as they tend to like coco being moist all the time as much as the plants do.

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