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You can believe I’m going to do as I want I mean,we can’t all be rocket scientist, I mean damn bro your opinion is just not the only one I mean you are untitled to it but you are going in circles as well bro with a bunch of bs too we have all talked on this forum from the very first day and I don’t see how you don’t understand that you’ve given the same opinion to me to Keith to the guy whatever I can’t think now put something up about me. anyway you ve giving your opinions more than once but you keep calling everyone else out I mean damn bro you are only a hundred and something behind me so how the hell did you the only guy who makes original posts and no other types of comments for points and yet your so close to me in the points,but I forgot you don’t want anything do you,even I understand that you are damn sure untitled to a prize too but you said I’m fake I didn’t tell everyone numerous occasions that I don’t want anything like you have said but your points tell a whole different story bro what I got for you until I can get home out of the vehicle is best of luck to you with beating whomever out you wish cause I promise I am going to be here till the end.I don’t know why you feel you had to take it here man and call someone fake didn’t I just read a post about you saying that people shouldn’t be saying hurtful things to others about there sex life and whatnot practice what you preach dude you ain’t God and as far as I know you don’t work for spider farmer I’ve already been punished I keep comenting back because I’m getting all these notifications from you so I’m going to reply believe that

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