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      I know I know…… everything your read says it is a terrible idea because of A -Z. But I was thinking if you limited to space and want to pollen a couple auto’s to have just a couple of beans for future grows it might work. I mean like a second tent with like 8 – 10 small pots with little clones you pollen. I would be happy just like to get 10 – 20 beans of each. What do you think?

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      I have never grown autos,so take my words on this with a grain of salt.I have read that your not supposed to,but what you are suggesting I believe you could make a auto cutting live, but the rest I know nothing about i also would make sure to pollinate with the same male auto plant or speak to someone about genetics 🧬 . I wish you nothing but good fortune on your endeavor.

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      I think cannabliss was saying in his solo cup thread that he had cloned an auto and finished in the solo cup, so he may be able to shed some more light on your question. Kind of a cool thought though if you wanted to maintain a line of autos. I wonder if you would get different genetic expression if you self bred an auto though? I’ve never intentionally bred any plants, so I don’t know much about breeding, but it’s definitely something I’m interested in learning about.

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      Can’t wait to find out, lol

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      Yea you can take cuts in veg. I used the tiny branches when I first pruned. Let me dig into my pics. I’ve been meaning to post em.

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        Yes some pics will be great. The idea mainly to have a little bean supply. Space and cashflow is limited, so setting up another tent growing a big ass lady to pollinate I will leave for the grow pro’s 😉

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