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      How do I delete 2 spam posts I accidentally did when I first started and now I do want to delete them, for I don’t wish to win anything by trying to defraud anyone.I appreciate your feedback and soon as you let me know how I will delete 1 post about solo cups and 1 post on medium I know now I should have asked my question ❓ on the other medium post, instead of making it another post.I do humbly apologize to anyone whom I may have offended.Im just trying with everything to win 1 of these superb lights.   Thanks once again spider farmer


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      I’m pissed!

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      Billy wizz
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      Brad is such a nice guy. It’s new to me this site and don’t no wtf iam doing yet 🕊💚💨💨

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        What is up @keith why are you pissed bro, can I help you out in anyway?

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      It gets easier bro, I been here since the 1st and just realized how to post pictures well around 3 days ago and I truly didn’t mean to post those 2 posts twice,but it’s all good.I appreciate you , for real


      @Billy Wizz

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      If it’s the edit button why it’s mia 98% of the time so hopefully it’s something else.

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      thread bump for great justice! I’d like the ability to go back and edit my grow journal too, for clarity’s sake and for maybe adding extra info here and there, fixing typos… etc.

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      I assumed they have disabled the delete feature as the point rules say that deleted threads subtract 15 points, so it’s probably simpler if they don’t have people accidentally deleted posts and getting upset/complaining.  I checked for a way to delete posts after my laptop glitched and double posted a thread, so I assume at some point the moderators will go through the forums and clean them up/deleting any spam or redundant posts and adjusting the points accordingly.

      As far as not being able to edit posts that’s a mystery as the odd post won’t let me edit it but 99% of the time they do.

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      Spider Farmer
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      At present, we do not open the post-deletion function. If you have a post that needs to be deleted, please send us the link, and we will help you delete it without deducting additional points. 😀

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        @spiderfarmer can you please show an example of how to send you the link to a post that I would like to have deleted.

        Thanks for your response


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