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      so i currently use dte (down to earth) nutrients for my organic grow. i have crab meal, neem seed meal, feather meal and kelp meal. do you guys use dte or something els, i want to switch because to be honest $20 a box for the 4 i use and i feel like i need another two boxes of something els for flower its just kind of expensive. what do you guys use and how much does it cost/ benefits,

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      i use advanced nutrients sensi grow and sensi bloom I don’t grow organic,but I know advanced nutrients does have a organic line and dude they won the canabis cup award for their nutrients, so I personally like the results I have ended up with since switching from ionic nutrients to advanced nutrients.I will say that it’s a little hard on the pocket,but worth your hard earned money I would suggest that you give there iguana 🦎 juice a try they do make quality nutes in my opinion.And I do know that they don’t give them canabis cups away so they think 💬 something is in there nutes too!

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      There’s an entire thread about what nutrients/additives people are using, you may get better results asking people there how much there’s cost, how long it lasts and how they find using it.

      Organics can be tricky as it’s often pretty localized, around here growers mostly use either Gaia Green which is available everywhere or Black Swallow’s if they’ve shopped around and want locally sourced inputs. I’ve never heard of DTE so don’t really know what you’re talking about. Do you have a grow report you can link me to so I can get a better idea and possibly offer more useful advice?

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      I use fox farm bc they seemed easy for a beginner.  I also got their powdered nutrients for flowering.  I don’t remember how much I paid.  Under $100 for everything.  If the big bloom ratio was even with all the rest then I’d be using this for the next 10 grow.  I only grow 2-3 plants though.  But I’ll prob have to get 2 more bottles of big bloom before I finish all the rest.  All in all I’m happy with it.  Wanna try living soil when they run out.

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      I’ve also used ionic grow

      • Ionic bloom,and ionic pk booster it’s a good fertilizer and easy fertilizer for everyone to use and get good results.

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