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      Do you flush? Why? Personally I don’t think flushing makes a noticeable difference in the quality of flower, but it can save you a week or two worth of nutrients.

      I have never had anyone been able to accurately tell flushed flower from unflushed flower. Personally I also believe that much of the harsh smoke people assume is unflushed salts is actually flower that wasn’t dried and cured properly. While there isn’t as much research available about flushing as I would like both of these studies show that flushing had little effect on the finished flower. I’m always open to new research if anyone has any further research/studies about flushing. From one of the studies “Flushing was found to be ineffective in removing any significant amount of nutrient from the bud.”

      I am a salt hydroponic grower and I haven’t seen any difference between the same cut grown in the same environment flushed or unflushed. I do want to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject but please try to be respectful of each other. It’s ok to disagree, especially on something as controversial as flushing.

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