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      This video is the latest and another interview of Dr. Bugbee from Shane over at Migro.

      If you don’t know who Shane or Dr. Bugbee are, PLEASE watch. You will be intoduced to some of the most up to date medicinal cannabis growing information available. Shane does/has a gazilion LED light fixture PAR and PPFD maps test on youtube. Dr. Bruce Bugbee is litterally a NASA scientist researcher who’s job it is to help NASA grow food on long space flights and because of it’s sensitivity to light polution, cannabis has played a huge part in his research.

      WARNING: watching this video can get you hooked on REAL MARIJUANA GROWING SCIENCE!

      Enjoy, N2


      Age restricted, so click here!


      00:00 Introduction

      02:13 What is PAR

      04:15 Blue Light effect on plant growth

      10:30 Green Light effect on plant growth

      13:05 Using green lights during the dark period

      16:40 Red Light effect on plant growth

      17:55 Red light effect on flowering

      19:34 UVA effect on plant growth

      22:55 Far Red effect on plant growth

      28:23 The Emerson effect

      32:03 New definition of PAR to include Far red wavelengths

      35:50 How much Far red should be added to grow light spectrum

      39:05 Far red effect on plant flowering

      40:00 Putting plants to sleep with Far Red

      43:47 Optimum PAR intensity for cannabis plants

      48:02 The benefit of elevated CO2 levels

      51:55 recommended PAR intensity for Autoflowers and dark period

      56:05 Cannabis university


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      Thanks for the share @IamN2pot

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      Dr. Bugbee has a wealth of knowledge on plant science & lighting. He is the creator of the apogee light meter/par sensor/ppfd reader that most of the light testers use to create PAR maps.

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