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      1. 72 Day of flo should i cut or waiting ?
        Full bio, spiderfarmer sf 4000
      2. http://forum.spider-farmer.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/1936/erritsz99xbjt75zxqs7jjptqjyu3fux.jpeg
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      It’s hard to tell in the photo but if you can zoom in on trics. If I had to guess it’s close but another week or so

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      Like one of the growers shared with me on my tricomes at 9weeks post.Its really a person to person answer.Dependimg if you want a energetic and uplifting buzz,cut it when tricomes are milky if you want a couch lock wait until tricomes are amber.I hope this will give you some perspective.The plant in my opinion is in the cutting window,but like I tried to explain it is all about the affect you want your canabis to give you.

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