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      Ganja Doc
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      Grow: 8×12 Grow Room

      Strain: Sweet Island Kush, French Macaron, GMO Cookies and Strawberry Banana x Afghani

      Breeder: Ganja Doc, TH Seeds Cannadarien

      Lights: Spider Farmers SF-2000

      Light Schedule: 20/4

      Nutrients: Green Planets 4 Part System, Gaia Green All Purpose & Power Bloom

      Medium: Promix Bx

      Mycorrhizae: Growtek

      Intake/Exhaust: 4inch inline intake/exhaust fans

      Environment: Indoor

      The 8×12 Grow room looking ace 😁 I have several strains growing. French Macaron from TH Seeds, Strawberry Banana x Afghani, and my strain Sweet Island Kush. I also have GMO Cookies going and I have clones both French Macaron and GMO Cookies for some future runs in the grow tent. Other than that the seedlings are on day 19 since germination and the French Macaron, and GMO Cookies are clones of past strains thats ive run on the garden.

      Loving this round and I can’t wait to start training out these ladies 🙌🏽



      Spider Farmer:


      USA: https://spider-farmer.com 🇺🇸

      Canada: https://spiderfarmer.ca 🇨🇦

      Europe: https://spiderfarmer.eu

      UK: https://spiderfarmer.co.uk 🇬🇧

      Australia: https://spiderfarmer.com.au 🇦🇺


      SF2000 link on Amazon:

      US: https://amzn.to/3lhH4ht 🇺🇸

      CA: https://amzn.to/3Cg10aB 🇨🇦



      Green Planet

      http://www.greenplanetnutrients.com 🇺🇸

      http://www.greenplanetnutrients.ca 🇨🇦

      10% Discount Code: SYLVESTER199010


      #spiderfarmerled #spiderfarmerofficial #sf2000 #greenplanetnutrients #greenplanet #mygreenplanet #gpgrown

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      Welcome, especially since you’re Canadian I assume by the big flag over your grow.  I assume you use the tent to flower?  How big is it and what kind of light inside?

      I always like THSeeds, what’s the French Macaroon like?  Is the GMO Cookies from 34th St Seed Co or somewhere else?  Most importantly tell us about Sweet Island Kush, specifically what’s it a cross of and what are you hoping to find in the seedlings by crossing those parents?

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      Looks awesome.  Mind if I ask why you do 20/4 light cycle?  For learnings sake.

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        Plants can only use so much light per day based on other limiting factors; so you’ll see a range of people using anything from 16/8 (not very common anymore) up to 24 based on how they’re growing.  With higher intensity light in a dialed in room so the plant is using it efficiently, you don’t need as many hours of light to hit the needed moles of energy per day.  Once my flower room is dialed in I plan on testing running a very high PPFD so that I can test a 6/12 lighting schedule as it’s always interested me.  Less time running the lights means it’s easier to control temps in summer and having an 18 hour day means you can shorten the flowering cycle a bit since every 3 days functionally creates an extra day by the added dark cycle.  There’s was a grower that tried it back in the Cannabis World days, Dr Atomic I think was the handle, which showed interesting results and I’ve wanted to try it ever since.  Now that I understand lighting more I’m comfortable that the principle is sound as long as the intensity is basically doubled for the shortened day length.

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      I’ve always thought and I’ve left the light on while photos were growing on grow they can’t receive to much light @keith I have left it on them over 20 hours many times bro if they are growing I’m about 100%certain it will not hurt the plant.Same as if they are under bud too much dark doesn’t hurt don’t get it twisted you are not helping them while under bud if you leave the light off actually we had an electric outage some winter ago we were under bud here and around a block away at another place the electric went off and we thought they would be dead , when we saw them we couldn’t believe it they were the exact same as the day that the light was last on so if you leave them in the dark while under bud they will just go dormant until they get light again. So that’s why I have always went by can’t get to much light on grow and can’t be in dark to long under bud and that’s a life experience from myself.

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        That’s a most interesting idea on the shorten light period I hope you can show us your experiment, for I would be interested to see what you done ✅

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      Looking good. Do you run the light at full power, if not what do you set it at?

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