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      I had a friend pass away recently and he left me all his growing equipment. I’m wondering if anyone was experience using a AgroMax Prime 600w LED. He only used it for 2 runs and went back to hps, he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. This is the first light I’ve seen like this, anything you could tell me about it would be appreciated. 

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      Damn bro, that ballast looks kinda like my old 1000 watt ballasts,a little  😂 😂 How old is it ? My guess is that it’s an older generation but I am green as hell as you know on the LED lights.Im learning more though.I hope someone else would be able to help you out with some information on the light.I wish you the best bro always. If you don’t mind let me know if that’s an older LED or if it is pretty recent.Im definitely interested in finding out about it too.

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        It’s fairly new, its just not a common style I guess. Basically it’s a QB just really long and skinny. I’m almost certain it’s designed for commercial grows.

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