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      I know some don’t mind, but living in a small apartment. I have managed to keep it at a minimum but what filter and air flow do you suggest. What else does help with the smell?

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      I’m very lucky to live where I do. It’s a legal state but I also live out side of town so I never have to worry about smell. I joke with mail and ups guys there’s a damn skunk family living around here somewhere lol

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      Luckily I live you about 20 minutes away from town and I am on a farm. So smells don’t really concern us,, I do appreciate the information though


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      My girls are very smelly, it’s just the way I like my ladies 🤣😂🤣.


      3×3 tent, 4 inch inline fan and carbon filter.  I keep fan at 35% filter and fan inside of tent, tent completely closed no open vents, it’s venting into the same room.

      1. As long as the door is closed on the tent I have zero smell. When the tent door is open my whole basement  smells.

      At this point, maybe 3-4 weeks left, I try not to open the tent often only for watering.

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      I didn’t think I needed one because I’m growing in a separate building on my property. But towards the end of the 1st grow I started smelling it as I entered the building. However towards the end of the 2nd grow which would be about a couple weeks ago I started smelling and in my back yard. And that is terrible because a police officer lives next door.  So I went real quick and bought a carbon filter and it has taken care of any smell except when I enter the building

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      Be safe @keith but I love it.You are doing what I would.I would be like the hell with the police next door.Best way is right under there nose.

      Good stuff


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      Im so fortunate to live out in the country i dont run an exhaust filter. I love coming home after a long day and walking into that smell 😀


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        I used to too.

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