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      <h1>2×2 tent with SF1000</h1>
      <h3>Spider farmer tent 2x2x5 (27″ x 27″ x 62″)</h3>
      <h3>SF1000 grow light</h3>
      <h3>spider farmer 4″ inline intelligent fan</h3>
      Ill start out by saying im not a newbie but its been a few years since ive had an indoor grow under my belt. Needless to say technology has progressed and prices arent as high as they use to be 5 years ago with led lights and kits and alot of the things you need have gone down. Which in terms makes me happy but getting back in i didnt want to go all out because of the circumstances so went with a beginner tent kit to get back into cultivating.

      Why im creating this post is because ive never grown in a tent this small and am wondering what im looking at grow wise with this setup, ive seen people doing 4 plants 3-5 gal pots but im thinking 2 plants 5gal pots and see what i can push out of them. Any help or recommendations is greatly appreciated or if anybody has this setup feel free to send over some shots of the setup!!

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      I have a 4×2 with 4 plants in 3 gal and its pretty packed. It will likely get crowded with 5 gallon but it depends on how big you grow them before flip. I would have to suggest 2 plants in 3 gallon pots for a 2×2.

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      I think @atom is right about 2 having 2 plants in a tent that size. I have a 3×3 and I find 4 plants a pretty tight squeeze. My buddy who has a 2×2 only grows on plant at a time in his. I think 5 gallon pots might be a bit overkill, I agree that 3 gallon would likely do the trick for a 2×2.

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      27″x27″x62″ SF 1000 same tent.

      Two plants, two pics both in same tent.  Ones left side ones right side.


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      Nicely done @ pilted that looks hell a great to me, and the 2×4 tent I believe I would go with the 2 plants in 3 gallon bags bro, for I am in a 4×4 closet space and I am doing 4 plants in 3 gallon bags for the grow.Ive got a grow journal up and you can see the room I have left.Ive been loyal to the 3 gallon bags for a bit now, good luck to you with your grow.

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      I would only try pushing 1 5gal in there with a plant riser + saucer. Not much floor space for anything else.
      I ran in a 1gal.. yield was trash tho. Little over 2oz. It was a mother plant I was putting through all kinds of training to keep her small. I had another cut in a solo cup.. so I flowered her out. 
      This tent is actually 27”x27”

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