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      Hello, All Excellent Growmies. Happy new year! New year new grow! Share Your Grow Diary in 2023 with Spider Farmer and win the grand prize!

      1.Showcase your grow diary with Spider Farmer product by photo or video
      2.Publish your diary publicly and add hashtag #SFgrow
      (Publish on social media,private group,forum or forum.spider-farmer.com)
      3.Submit your diary link by google entry form
      *Have at least 5 updates in your diary.

      1st: SE7000 Led Grow Light (worth $799.99)
      2nd: Grow Tent 5’x5’+6″ Inline Fan+carbon Filter (worth $349.99)
      3rd: 48″x20″ Heat Mat+seed Tray+grow Bags (worth $119.99)
      4th: 10% Voucher for All Participants

      Time: Jan.1-Mar.31, 2023. Winner announcement on Apr.3rd.

      Look forward to seeing how Spider Farmer products have enhanced your grow diary.
      Spider Farmer, A better way to grow!

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      Hello! I am new to this forum. Where do I post to create a public diary to document our new grow with our Spider Farmer light? I am a bit lost here. Thank you in advance!

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        hi mate,

        you can Publish on social media,private group,forum or forum.spider-farmer.com

        all the best pabs.

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        Thank you! I got the initial diary posted. Do I add to that one specifically, or just make a new post in the forums?

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        If you’d prefer to do it here in the forums, go to grow journal section, scroll down to the bottom so you can start a new topic. Don’t forget the title or it won’t post it. Then once your Rollin you just have to submit it via Google entry form. Hope this is helpful 🙂

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      This is awesome. You guys definitely rock and have some top notch product.

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      Hello! Here you will find the link to my Spiderfarmer diary! Come and leave a comment if you like it!


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      Here’s 3 monster Kong 1 monkey truffle and a skunk.All have been supplied by @gasorganics except for this exceptional skunk #1 I got from a good friend from here .The skunk is the first bushy one on the left of the picture. The middle plant is the monkey truffle also from @gasorganics .They’ve all been flourishing under the SE 5000 in my 5×5. They were flipped to flower on 3/7/23.Im using advanced nutrients sensi bloom,big bud and bud candy,for all the nutrients and last but definitely not least recharge!,is all the nutrients that they receive. I also am using the SF 6″ inline fan for recycling fresh air. Also 2 clip on fans and 1 600 watt mini heater.I pH my nutrients @6 and I use a bn link thermostat control as well. I keep my temp around 77 to 72.

      Thanks @spider farmer for another great prize giveaway package,best of luck to all who’s entered! 😀


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        Those plants look great dude, nice work!

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        I appreciate it brother,it’s got a lot to do with you my friend you helped me out another and your an awesome dude bro,check them out now on my 420 chance post they’re starting to flower nicely.


        If you use it once you will never not buy this product again. You can tell a difference in as little as 24 hours  I can’t take credit for it, I give it all to my friend here @atom thanks for all your great advice. Best of luck on your new gardens outdoors and indoors bro.b safe

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