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      Well we in a warm and somewhat tropical side of the weather but for the colder climate locations I heard it can be a challenge thus see what is suggested by Royal Queen Seeds to give a go

      Legendary OG Punch, Blue Cheese, Bubble Kush, Green Crack Punch, Pineapple Kush, Critical,

      Do you select strain according to your climate to create better growth lifestyle for the plant?

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      Huge challenge. I’ll post some pics later of my crop that’s going to mold abd eaten by aphids. Was a really good year until about halfway threw flower. Bugs came and then the mold. It’s all a part of farming outdoor here in michigan, there arnt many I know who don’t get some bugs and mold.

      A few strains I’ve heard are better for here norther lights and white widow. There supposed to be shorter flowers tines and less prone to bugs and mold but at a cost of just sorta meh smoke. Next year I might try one of them. It’s always a huge disappointment every year. Hopefully I get some good washes

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      Good luck

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