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      So I been reading a lot. I have a question maybe some of y’all can help with.


      So it seems I might be keeping track of my weeks in flower wrong. I switched my lights on a Friday at 8 PM 8 weeks ago. What I have been reading is there is a transition between veg and flower, some people wait a week, some two before they start counting the first week of flower.


      Is this normal? When do you guys start counting flower time, right when you flip lights or do you give it a week or two for a transition time?

      Thanks I got a lot to learn and there is a lot of different opinions on this matter,. Curious what you guys think or how you do this. 

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      I went through this too.  It seems some people count it from when the light change happens and other from when they see the first stigmas.  I start counting flowering days after I see the first stigmas now, but usually still specify when I changed the light cycle.

      Great looking plants.

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      I’ve always counted it from day 1 of switch to 12/12 and I have never had any problems,that’s my honest experience about it!

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      I always count from the light change, since thats the part you’re in control of.  The plant has an acclimitization period that lasts about a week if you flip to flower before it has pistils(12/12 from seed for example, or sexing cuttings), but if you’re going from clone or mature enough plant, it may have pistils before you put her to flowering mode.

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