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      I’ve been doing this off and on, commercially and privately, for a half century and I’m still seeing new things. I noticed this bud a week or so ago and it keeps growing, just without the sun leaf at each node. WEIRD! It’s under a SF2000.  What……..?

      weird cola 1

      weird cola 2


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      Buds grow based on the sugar fed to them to them through the vascular bundles, leaves create sugar during photosynthesis and move the excess to the sap/roots to be distributed as needed for growth.  That’s why brix is a direct measurement of plant health as it shows how much sugar is in the sap, so you can directly measure the effect of variables on the crop or get more accurate info from side by side comparisons.  Some leaves produce more sugar and are consider better carbon sources, others like older leaves or those in low light levels are less efficient and in the worst case can act as carbon sinks (using more energy then they produce).  That’s why we prune growth below a certain point and plant at specific densities to avoid over crowding.

      So buds will grow no problem without sun leaves, they just won’t grow as big as the plants available energy (ie sugar) is limited from the lowered rate of photosynthesis.  Not sure if that explains what you’re seeing or confused by but I hope it helps.

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      That’s awesome. Nice looking plants.

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        Somatek, I am only somewhat familiar with BRIX levels in plants, but is something I want to study alot more. Thanks for reminding me!

        You also mention how any excess sugars produced are stored in the roots for later usage. Does that occur in cannabis? As far as plants storing up sugars in the roots, I know that happens in a root crop, like sugar beets and it happens in deciduous trees, causing the leaves to turn color and fall each fall, but does cannabis do that also?

        I was thinking it was more along the lines of one of the many weird things cannabis does that I always just wrote off as a genetic miscue or hick-up. Something like the reverse of the bud forming on the intersection of the peciola(?) and rachis(?) pictured. I think that’s what the leaf parts are called?  But hey, I am no expert and best guess’ are often wrong! It may be time to, …how does my kid say this?, …have some ‘new’ knowledge dropped on me! 😆 something like that.


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      Great post @tom I am learning about things from guys that are very explained as to the how and why? I think 💬🤔 that’s awesome thanks for another great and detailed explanation @somatek  💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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