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      Has anyone got this setup? I know, the specs are in Metric, so. I’m asking about the 120 x 120cm tent and the physical size of those lights are 1151 x 1151mm, so on paper it will just fit with about 1 in to spare on each side. How about in reality? Can you easily raise that size fixture in a 4×4 or does it really need/have to be in a 5×5? Spider Farmer shows a 4 x 4 PAR map and I already have a SF 4 x 4 tent, (and an original SF4000) so…….

      Thanks for your answers.

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      hello, these 3 lights can fit inside the 4’x4′ tent. 🙂

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      I run the SE7000 in a standard 4×4′ tent, and it is definitely snug, but there’s room to sling wiring and such down the outside if you need to.


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        Perfect, and thanks for the picture, Neurotic Turtle. That’s exactly what I needed to see! It may be time to upgrade from my ‘old’ original model SF4000.

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      I had a 4 X 8 vivosun tent. Dimensions were most likely an inch or two smaller.

      I went with two SE 5,000s. After installation I had alot of extra room.

      I believe the specs on the SE 7,000 were like 45 inches just under the 4 foot mark.


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      Yeah I would think it would depend on the tent manufacturer. I know you got the answer you were looking for, but my 2 cents is to say that if you have the tent set up, just go and measure it to be sure. I know my vivosun 3×3 measures a few inches shy of 3 feet between the poles.

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