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      • This was my last flower room that was 7x13ft with 2200w of HPS lighting (1000w and two 600’s) over a 4×4 and 3×3 table, as well as a 4x2ft by 1.5ft tall SIP filled with a fortified soil to compare “living soil” to typical hydro organic growing.

        • Within the next year I’ll be building a room, I have a fixer-upper I purchased that’s getting ready for demo & reconstruction. It’s going to be a lot of work, but boy will things be running a lot more smoothly once things are set. I can’t wait to have something like that.. but I’ll be patient.

          • I’d plan your room now so that when you rebuild the place you can make sure the wiring/ventilation is built in as needed instead of having to modify a room later. My Dad has a couple properties in the process of being turned into a 22-24 unit, net zero passive solar heating apartment for an intentional, sustainable community and I’ve talked to him about integrating a common grow room for people to use since if people start setting up grows in their units it’ll affect the entire buildings heating/cooling design. Which I think is the inevitable solution to the conflict between apartments not wanting people growing in them and renters rights to grow; legislation that forces them to have grow space available, designed for adequate power load, ventilation and water proofing so the building isn’t compromised but renters don’t have their rights infringed on.

      • Thank you kindly, we’ll see how long until the current grow is producing nice buds as it’s an odd set up.

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