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Currently for moms I’ve got Sensi Star (paradise seeds, clone sourced from THCbiomed before the stopped selling them when it was legalised), Jean Guy S1 and Highlo (both from House of the Great Gardener), Stellar Collision (collab between Dman and Mass Medical Seeds) and finally Purple G (local clone from Guelph which is a cross of Special G x Purple Skunk, Special G was created in the late 90’s when a buddy was going to the UoG and growing outdoors to pay for it.  It’s a polyhybrid as they started with a Skunk and Master Kush, crossed them and then kept buying a new variety each year and crossing it into the mix until Special G and “papaya” popped out and were kept for the next 15-20 years).

Which are my regular go to girls, although I have to try to find a replacement for my Bogglegum mom which I lost last fall.  Currently I’ve got one Garlic Cookies from 34th st seed co in flower, it’s got lots of frost and that distinct OG kush funk/acrid/diesel with slight lemon notes coming out.  There’s also 10 Guatamalan x Honduras I made last year and am just getting around to testing, the Honduras is from Ace seeds and the Guatamalan was collected in country by friends of a friend while hiking in the jungle on a tour.  I’m hoping the Honduras mellows out the Guatamalan high which is a bit too energetic for anyone who isn’t a sadist.  I just put a couple of what I think are Balochistan that my buddy gave me back in 2020 when we ordered a bunch of gear from Ace/Indian Landrace Exchange/Khalifa genetics but neither of us can actually remember lol, I’ll find out soon though as we’ve narrowed it down to Balochistan or his Maple Leaf Indica cross.  Next on deck is a couple of Pupil Magoo’s from the ill fated collab between MMS and Prof P, I need to transplant them and get them ready to flower.   Last but not least I have two Katsu Pupil and Stellar Collision random bagseeds I found in my outdoor from last year just for fun until I finish getting my room set up.

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