Points Rules

Exchange rules

100 points = 1 USD no-threshold coupon to buy products

Points must be redeemed for more than 500 points



Sign up for 100 points
5 points for logging in every day


2 points for commenting on the topic (commenters and post owners can score at the same time, the daily limit is 100 points)
10 points for posting a topic in the forum (daily limit:50 points)
Get likes (2 points/like, daily limit: 50 points)


50 points/friend Invites friends to register (daily limit:200 points)

how to find your referral link?


Spider Farmer will give extra points for high-quality content(such as product use experience sharing, answering others’ questions, or any other content helping others.).


-15 points/deleted topic

-5 points/deleted reply

Please do not post offensive remarks or remarks that hurt others. Please do not maliciously swipe posts or swipe comments in order to gain points.

All points earned by cheating will be deducted

Have fun!

Spider Farmer Team

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