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Thug pug & tiki madman have taken the cake for me. By far the most enjoyable buds.
Taste, bag appeal off the scale. An absolute joy to watch in flower.

my top list in order from best to worst that I’ve grown: (some regs were males *unable to position them appropriately*) they will have no number in the list (yet)


1. Thug pug – SSSC collab #5

2. Tiki madman – Dante’s inferno

3. Massgrowers Connection – Dream wedding

4. Lit Farms- Ice cream cake

5. ILGM- wedding cake

6. AMS seeds (Amsterdam marijuana  seeds)

*overseas (Not in the US, but ships to the US)

Nice Autos.. haven’t tried their photos yet. iHave a NL Xtrm I’m waiting to pop.

7. Maple Crafts – Running one of his autos.

well worked strains!!!


8. Jordan of the islands – Sensi star is awesome

Haven’t popped any females from:

Thumbprint genetics /Miztergreenthumb

Sticky Mitten Genetics

copycat (found a male in an s1 pack)



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