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There’s things you can use to help it recover, recharge will definitely help. Silica can help make the plant stronger and get less stressed. Kelp is also good for the roots.

Basically what happens is your roots get lazy and don’t search for water because it’s always avaliable. If its severely over waterd you could be starving it of oxygen. If you grow in hydro (dwc atleast not sure about all forms)you have to constantly pump air into the system or your plants will die very fast, sometimes within 20 min. When your in soil there’s air pockets in the soil and threw either drain holes, or if you use fabric the whole pot provides oxygen. That’s part of the reason they do better than plastic. But I’d you over water you clog up the access to oxygen, but it still will grow some because there’s oxygen in water. And also over water is the same as over nutes. Water is only a vehicle for nutrients to get access to the plant. It takes the nutrients and releases the water threw the leaves. So when your over watering, whether you add nutes or not there’s always some in the soil and it picks them up.

The best thing to do is let it dry up good, almost to the point of droopy. Then you should be able to establish a schedule. It might take a bit for it to want regular waters. Just go by the weight until you figure out how many days it takes to almost get droopy. Plants grow the best just before they need water.


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