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That sounds more like a light starved plant then anything, which is the root of bro science; making speculative guesses about a plant instead of relying on data.  Which is why so much of it is easily refuted when tested…

If you’ve left it in the dark for 24 hours so it can’t photosynthesis then logically any new growth is depleting the plants stored energy and the brix will now be lower.  The phytochrome level would be higher but that’s irrelevant as it’s wiped clean by sunlight; that’s why it’s the relationship between day and nights that matters; after 12 hours the phytochrome levels are high enough to trigger flowering.  Successive long nights passing that trigger point is what induces flowering, getting it ramped up high with 24 hours doesn’t make it flower quicker but does reduce the brix level and theoretically may slow down flowering by eliminating a light period to reset the phytochrome clock that plants use to determine when days are getting shorter in relation to nights.  Which is key, it’s not darkness that makes then flower, it’s the relation between the hours or dark and light that tell them the days are getting shorter

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