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Bro it might come off however to you,but I never have comprehended very well, and people are allowed to think what ever it is that they want to soma , I mean you say that I am being unfair cause I don’t understand things as well as others,yet you still keep replying to every single thread that you can dude which tells me who the fake individual is I’m not going to rant on and on cause I’m not a kid and it is what it is, but I have let it be known from day 1 how much I need this light so no one should call me fake for anything dude, I promise I have never been as you saing oh I have plenty and don’t care if I win anything and yet your points keep saying otherwise,but hey it’s all fair and I still like speaking with you,but I guarantee you,I’m the furthest from f#@kn fake you will ever meet man.How can you be so hypocritical and think that all your answers are the gospel and yes I know what the gospel truth means it’s your own version of the truth, come on man none of us are wearing a black robe so we don’t have to judge anyone.Ive never won anything from any forum and bet I’m going to be on here for the next 60 something hours left so we are going to see who wants what I suppose,but I’m not spamming to get it I’ve put as many hours on this forum from day 1 as anyone dude,but I’m fake I guess because of my disability for not comprehending well,dude you need a muzzle.You are not a god just because you got some book knowledge and I would appreciate it if I would not be called out your opinions on things which after all is only a opinion right 🤣

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