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You can measure the pH of soil directly with either a soil pH meter (expensive for the quality ones that’ll give accurate readings) or by diluting a soil sample in distilled water with a pH of 7, letting it soak for awhile then filtering the soil out of the water (pouring it through a coffee filter is easiest/most accessible) and measuring the pH of the water.  I think it’s 100g of soil in 150ml of water but those might be reversed, double check if going that root.

Obviously this isn’t a good plant for growing plants as you don’t want to have to disturb/damage the roots in order to check the pH, although I have done it before when transplanting sick plants if I’m worried the pH may be the issue.  If you gently roll the root ball in your hands you can usually dislodge enough soil to collect a usable sample without setting the plants growth back too much.

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