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I’m not sure which strain you’re talking about, the only 16-18 week strain I can think of is Mekong Haze.

THC Victory is only an 11 week flower, nominally…. but ofc when I initially ordered I missed that entirely.

I mean… I did veg the wee beasties for quite some time… so that could explain some of the discrepancy, but I’m still not 100% sure what you’re talking about.

Flowering times aside, the goal was to provide 7% thcv, 7-8% thc, and a couple percent terps for a modest 15-19% total cannabinoid profile targeted to my anxiety disorder.   Honestly the backup plan was to make rosin containing roughly 40%/40% THCV/THC + %terps.  This just got accelerated a lil bit, and the terp profile is going to be off.  Possibly hints of ocimene (hay) and a metric tonne of phytol…. but it should be okay.


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