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It’s a wonderful feeling for a random stranger embraces things we do, have, or say. More so in this situation, because so many people frowned upon possession let alone cultivation of cannabis. It’s also nice to see smokers come out of hiding since the way it’s viewed by the majority has definitely shifted.
I remember walking into a community clinic to pic up a prescription for a friends kid one day, and I had 1 little bag of pot on me. It was LOUD though! I was completely unaware of why everyone was looking around in the office. I was 6-7 place in line, and even the staff could smell it. I noticed it on their faces first.. I myself had headphones in so I couldn’t hear anyone, only able to see their faces & body language. That one little bag stunk that office up so bad, I had to leave the line to put it back in the car.
I can imagine I’d get the same reaction in another scenario like this if in a Dr.’s office, or a clinic.. However I think if we were to walk by someone at Walmart wreaking of pot, we might get a compliment these days. I hear “Dang, where’d you get that?” all the time, but I prefer not to out myself as a grower openly. I do it for self-care, and help out family. No sales of any kind, unless in seed form. I may throw a deal at someone just getting into growing, as I’ve over spent vastly on seeds.

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