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Meanwhile th black domina is almost through the stretch, and as u can see its almost at 75% of canopy, which is good to know for the next round, cuz ive decided to only use 1 bed at a time for cannabis so the other bed can rest/be used up by vegetables. To fill up the canopy 100% ill just veg longer or use 2 plants – if i have clones. I also defoliated 2 times to clean the legs up,  took 2 clones and LST a little to spread out the canopy even more. I cleaned up the rest of the salads (i have eaten more then enough) and took out the first radish, and a couple spinach leaves (it isnt visible beacuse its in the back) In the space occupied by salads i planted more radishes and some arugula. I topdressed the right bed with bad salad leaves and the cannabis trim  and i also added ground up chesnuts as a seed meal (leftovers with worms in them which i couldnt use in the chestnut flour i was making) and topped it all with grass clippings.  I started adding FFE(fermented fruit extract) from figs every second watering.

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