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A PPFD map you’ve never seen????

Phillips 54W Equivalent 46 in. High Output Linear T5 Type A InstantFit Daylight LED Tube Light Bulb (5000K),  here.

Tested with the PPFD Meter app and a UNI-T UT383BT , here.

FYI! Bulbs are rated at 24w each (x4=96watts) and is why those maps say 96w. I put the fixture on my new watt meter today and it is pulling 115.2 watts.

I have an old 4 lamp, T5 Floro grow tube grow fixture and since the T5 tubes were old, replacing them with LED’s seemed to me like the thing to do. Below are my meter reading inserted into the PPFD Meter map.

To begin, I took reading without any reflective walls, in the middle of our garage, to use as a base. I finished with reading taken inside my 2’x4’x5′ tent with the flap closed.   Enjoy the maps!

NOTE: The first 3 maps are at 24″, 12″(not 24″) and 6″. I forgot to change the hanging height from 24″ to 12″.


…and now for the reading inside the tent.

This set of PPFD maps were taken inside the tent at 12″, 9″ and 6″.




Those 6″ and 9″ reading inside the tent aren’t half bad for 115 watt fixture, IMHO.

Hope these help,  N2

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