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I used it on my last one bro, I also ran the sensi line and big bud with bud candy. I know that some people hate on it but that is not me.I used it from flip on so only through bloom and I used the other 3 I listed and got great results,it was the peyote gorilla I Posted on the first week of the forum.but dude my tap water runs high on pH by like over by 2 it’s probably 7.5 out of the faucet and dude when I ran it my pH stayed around 6.0 so I can definitely state it is pH perfect😂 but bro I have nothing bad to say about the brand besides there’s a lot of different chemicals to choose but if you stay with what you like in it and by the looks of your last grow and the new you are doing well @racky so kuddos bro.I wish you the best on the rest of your grow.

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