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After talking to my buddy that I got the bud from that had the seeds in it, we think we’re pretty sure it was actually a gelato x Granddaddy Purple cross that the seeds came from, so I will be referencing them as G x GDP fro here on out.

These girls have stretched quite a bit after flipping to flower. So much that I actually had to remove my light hangers and my light is zip tied to the bar at the top of my tent lol. With my light all the way up, I have about 14″ to my highest tops.

G x GDP #1 & #2 have been throwing out full pollen sacs, and today I found a couple of raw nanners on G x GDP #2. I had cut off any branches with even a single pollen sac earlier in the week on both plants, and have been checking all the nodes on all plants daily since. I have not found any pollen sacs on G x GDP #3 or #4 so far, and none on #1 since removing the ones earlier this week.

G x GDP #2 also had been about 8″ shorter than all the other plants, and had not been progressing as quickly into flower. So I made the call to cut my losses on it, and cut it down. I used the empty space to spread out G x GDP #3 as it was the most crowded.

So I’m down a plant, but I’m hoping this will save me some heartache later on with getting only seeded bud. I think I managed to catch it before any of the male flowers put out any pollen. I guess this is what I get for running Hermie genetics again lol.

Here’s the remaining 3 plants in the 3×3:

A closeup of one of the tops on G x GDP #4:

A closeup of one of the tops on G x GDP #3:

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