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I have done ✅ clones from clones for years now bro with good success.If it does anything to them genetically and so on.I could not elaborate on that.Im just an old country boy who loves smoking pot and growing it.Theres many more on here that can answer your question ❓ In fact I am surprised no one has but they will,there’s some really good people on here for sure and knowledgeable as well.Ive already learned so much from several on here.Anyway bro just keep on cloning we have took 50 half way grown clones and take 2 or 3 cuts from each and that’s our next crop.Everything always works like clockwork,but I will add what I have learned from doing this is one simple mistake and you can loose your whole strain.Just please always remember that but other than that I have found no downfalls to doing what you are asking bro, and I can back it up with pic’s as well if interested.I hope that this helps you out some, until one of the guys I was speaking of earlier gets back to you about the downfall about genetics if there’s any,cause we have not found any,if anything it seems to get a bit stronger every time especially if we take them a week or 10 days after flip.

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