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Can I ask you why in your booklet that comes with the SE series lights that it says if the temperature is below 82° F that it can be ran 8″ from the canopy.I personally run the SE 5000 series at 12″ from canopy and the tent temp is never above 80 or below 70.I also don’t use CO2 either.I just wanted to ask you about the height requirements in your booklet for it’s totally different than theese without CO2. Not trying to be a jerk just wondering why it States that number at that temp in the booklet as it does closer without CO2 @ that temp and if above 82°f it says to run it at 12″ but as stated I’m having good success at 12″ above canopy without CO2 now with my SE 5000 .   Thanks again SF

You guys make quality equipment with industry leading hardware@ an affordable price, and thank you for another awesome giveaway! Good luck to all who enter!!!!!!!!!

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