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      Just opening up a thread for my fellow UK 🇬🇧 growers…..

      Let’s see everyone’s hints, tips & privacy tricks.



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      I’m currently running a 60x60x150cm tent with 2 lights, a Phlizon PL-1000 and a Marshydro TS600, 6 inch exhaust fan, 1x oscillating fan. I’m in Westland Big Tom soil in 3 gal pots using Megacrop 1 part 9-6-17 with a little chicken s**t pellets for extra N.

      Always tried to win a SpiderFarmer light as they are a little out of my budget at the minute lol

      1x Auto Trichrome & Cream (Dutch Passion)

      1x Mimosa Punch (Dutch Passion)

      1x Candy Dawg (Seedstockers)

      1x Amnesia Haze (Seedstockers)

      Will update with pics a little later.


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