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Here’s 3 monster Kong 1 monkey truffle and a skunk.All have been supplied by @gasorganics except for this exceptional skunk #1 I got from a good friend from here .The skunk is the first bushy one on the left of the picture. The middle plant is the monkey truffle also from @gasorganics .They’ve all been flourishing under the SE 5000 in my 5×5. They were flipped to flower on 3/7/23.Im using advanced nutrients sensi bloom,big bud and bud candy,for all the nutrients and last but definitely not least recharge!,is all the nutrients that they receive. I also am using the SF 6″ inline fan for recycling fresh air. Also 2 clip on fans and 1 600 watt mini heater.I pH my nutrients @6 and I use a bn link thermostat control as well. I keep my temp around 77 to 72.

Thanks @spider farmer for another great prize giveaway package,best of luck to all who’s entered! 😀


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