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Now that I have had my light for over a year and a half, I only have a batch that I’m sure everyone who runs year round like myself is th connectors are garbage from spider farmer and Mars hydro every 3 months you either have to shorten your cord and cut off all of the burnt wiring and don’t expect anything unless you have every document from when you won the light or wherever you bought it from a 600 dollar light should not have these things built so poorly.I am not just downing spider farmer but mars hydros are built the same way junk.its not so much as the 30 dollars but when your light fails you under bud and they can’t get the product. I hope everyone else will speak there mind on this for it’s a shame to grow 1000s of dollars of buds and then your light is out. IN MY OPINION IT IS JUST BAD BUISINISS,BECAUSE I CHALLENGE THEM TO PUT UP ALL THEyre,PROBLEMS SPIDER FARMER to date and I guarantee you that it is in the 1000s for low number and 10,0008 for there high number I ask you prove me wrong for this is definitely a problem!!!!!

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