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I fully agree, hopefully Spider Farms clarifies things as a new forum is always a golden chance to create a new community vibe and it’d be wonderful to see one formed on accurate data instead of just regurgitated info people have read online and parrot to try and get points.  Especially now that we’re starting to see more accurate, science based info about ganga growing which often contradicts the established norms people assume are true facts, not ideas based on anecdotal experience.

I try to always be clear if my info is anecdotal or something I read in a peer reviewed paper, especially as I tend to come of as blunt when one of my core beliefs is that there is no right way to grow, just the what works for you and meets your needs.  Like I said, personally I’ll respond to posts I have an opinion about or see value in as far as building community but spamming the forum just to win doesn’t make sense.  If I’m going to whore myself out I’m gonna do it properly and sell my body instead; there’s more dignity is sex work, better money/return on time investment plus and who doesn’t want to get their nut off?

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