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Man I know that’s right, that’s my problem now.  I almost didn’t put up the trellis net this time.  But I had so many green wires coming from the pot to the branches that I was having a hell of a time watering.  The 5 gallon fabric pots I got are low and wide.  A 5 gallon bucket would be too small I think.  It would drip over the edges for sure.  I just have to think of something to elevate them with and allow the run off to drip below.  I’ve got wood and pvc, but if you’ve got any ideas throw them my way.  I’ll look online for a bucket with a lid that’s short and wide, then drill my holes from there.  I figure it’ll have to be at least 15in diameter.

I’m on my phone.  I figure they’ll work out the glitches.

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