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I found some pics of the seedlings while organizing the last years worth of pics today, I’ll snap some pics now that they’re in flower and finally starting to bud.  There was 6 females and 4 males in total.  So far 4 of the 6 girls have the same sweet jolly rancher smell, one has little smell and the other is more astringent/ammonia like.

All the girls around two weeks, two and a half after germinating.  There was also 4 shots of individual seedlings around a week or so in.

In general they’ve been a bit on the sensitive side, leaves twisted on a couple from the pH being off and they all are sensitive to being sprayed with pesticides.  There about 4 weeks into flower so I imagine in 10-12 weeks we’ll see how they turn out.  I just transplanted them into 2 gal pots a week or so ago, I always keep long flowering equatorial varieties root bound until the stretch is done to keep them manageable during flowering.  Both the parents liked to stretch, so I wasn’t taking chances with the offspring lol.

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