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Thanks and very solid advice, although I’ve already failed as I’ve been working on finishing the light stand since I got up around 10.  Now I have to deal with amazon’s incompetent as they failed to change the delivery date on grow gear I need, the driver didn’t follow the instructions and tried to use the wrong door and now the package is marked “undeliverable” and is being returned instead.  Which means I don’t have anything to transplant my crop into and am kind of screwed as there’s nothing local I can use, I can’t wait 2 weeks for a new package to be sent and hope they deliver it this time when 2 out of 3 drivers ignore the instructions and use the wrong door.  So it looks like I’ll have to give the plants away and skip a crop, nothing like loosing close to a pound of bud because of Amazon’s incompetence and piss poor customer service.

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