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Super Size me 2 was brilliant, such a good way to illustrate how marketing saturated our world is and how it’s all lies to hide the barbaric truth that we have failed to control our greed/self indulgent tendencies and created a food supply chain that not only treats farmers like cogs in a machine but abuses animals and plants while degrading the essential pillars we rely on for survival as a species.

The nitrification of the oceans from run off, soil erosion or subsistence due to poor ag practices that prioritizes profits over anything, clearing rain forests to grow animal feed, over fishing the oceans and not holding fisheries responsible for the amount of plastics they dump into the ocean; if you look at the science it’s become more alarming as our climate models consistently fail to predict how quickly climate change is happening as unknown feedback loops are created exasperating the change that we didn’t understand or predict.  Like the amount of methane being released as the permafrost melts, speeding up global warming that we failed to include in our models until recently as it never occurred to us this would inevitably happen…

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