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Climate change can’t be stopped but it’s more a question of how bad the mass extinction event is going to be and whether we collectively are willing to acknowledge the issue, address the problem and make changes that will mitigate the damage instead of continuing to do things we know are self defeating.

It always reminds me of addiction/addicts; people will argue, deny, manipulate, lie or get aggressive when confronted about their addiction while ignoring the reality until it crashes down on them when the hit rock bottom.  We’re addicted to oil and the cheap energy it provides, the abundance of food and the illusion of wealth created by financial markets but reality going to smack us in the face as extreme weather events increase, floods are fires become the norm and costs keep rising as quickly as the wealth gap widens.  I had a lot of hope for the occupy movement as ultimately the people are the ones with the power which also makes us the ones responsible.  I’ve always like the idea that politicians/great historical leaders as just figure heads of the people; they don’t direct nations they simply are the mouth pieces of what the citizens feel/think more then anything…

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