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I don’t understand; you though you were running out of smoke so you were going to spend money on a vape when you’ve been complaining about not having enough money to set up the grow for the last month?  That doesn’t make sense.  I’ve got a prescription for 8g/day but I am also very aware that if I use it as a crutch to cope with anxiety I’m setting myself up to be an addict.  I specifically avoid smoking when I’m having a bad day and am highly triggered, like I was yesterday dealing with personal issues.  I’ve been low on pot for a month, month and a half now and simply reduce my consumption and focus on using it when I need to manage pain the most while using other coping mechanisms to manage the rest of the time.

Like I’ve said before; you need to figure out what your priorities are and focus on them or you’ll be spinning no matter how many lights you win…

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