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Lollipopping makes sense and is back up by data showing that pot leaves become very inefficient below a certain PPFD level and become carbon neutral or carbon sinks using more energy then they produce.  I regularly strip the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of a plant before flipping to flower (which is also when I take clones to keep the moms for the next round).  I find it doesn’t really change the yield overall but it means you don’t have larfy lower buds to deal with and more weight in the prime tops.

How much defoliation do you do?  Would you mind describing how you choose which leaves to pull and which to leave?  I’ve never been sold on the idea personally but I find it interesting seeing peoples thinking behind it.

Regardless, whatever you’re doing the plants are healthy and loving it.  Is recharge the only microbial additive you’re using?

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