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Now, the reason I was so excited to try this particular hash is the back story and the companies relevance in legalization here in Canada.  Mat Beren was a grower for the compassion clubs out west as a designated grower.  He also had a seed company selling all the varieties he grew (I believe he sold clones locally) as he talked about his belief’s that patients should be able to grow their own meds instead of having to buy them without compromising the quality.  One of his varieties, Haoma, was selected by compassion club members.  It’s undeniable he’s always about the community.  When the gov changed the laws around designated growers Beren and his Lawyer, Kirt Tousaw, fought and won a supreme court challenge against the new laws.  Which was my first point of contact learning about him when I needed to defend my own charges in court, his and other cases were what I used to get my charges dropped.  The lower court judges couldn’t contest Supreme Court rulings, so the crown had to choose to escalate it or drop it and they weren’t going to waste more money on a case they’d eventually lose as the courts rulings had been clear.  Cumulatively it was people like him and others that fought the laws up to the Supreme Courts, either provincial or federal, that undermined the law and made it unenforceable.  Which leads us full circle to him now having a legal company selling to the rec market and allowing me, in another province with no connection to buy and sample his bud and support his business.  That alone made smoking that bowl a special experience as I was thinking of all the work people have put in across the nation as activists, growers or lawyers breaking down immoral, unjust laws.  Progress may be slow but it’s glorious all the same.

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