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12×5 lol Its sad i just did a large size upgrade and botched 12 autos. Cue the WAH Wah wahhhhh music.

on the light controller… im pretty sure they had to hand craft the dang thing. cause its never in stock and took forever to get. now im on my first issue with it i think they are building the Mark III prototype to send to me lol.

You should enjoy the SE5000 Brad the detatchable driver makes for some good tuning when playing between winter and summer conditions. I hope its the SE5000 upgraded they have an extra IR and UV led on each bar your yields will greatly improve.

Kieth i also envy your tent you are about to have  im sick of buying seeds. Id love to start a mother plant for clones or even feminize my own seeds with silve. a second tent would be titties because i have a spare everything because i suck and buy new instead of research.

I fell far out of the race boys. I just didnt have the beautiful words and knowledge you boys had to keep grinding away post after post… BUT! you guys have already helped me 10 fold which is the point of this forum not the prizes. NOT! I have a bunch of new ideas, mostly involving my water. I will be starting a new grow here about Tuesday, when my… wait for it…. Spider Farmer Seed mat shows up…

for anyone interested in the strains… that frigging snowman was in my head the other day. I went with Super Silver Haze and Gold Leaf. Tis the season Boys!  I will keep ya all updated!





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