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The color isn’t the best indicator of quality, but normally lighter is better not always though. It was all the color of the inside of that ball in the beginning, it then forms a rind type thing on the outside due to oxidation. The more you play with it or touch it, the more it will darken. I’ve played around with hash alot. Many time have I formed little figures out of them, or solid black balls. Just know that if you work it until it gets black or dark from working it, once it cools off from friction, it gets hard as a rock and is hard to break apart lol.


Here’s a pic of me f’n around with hash. I made it into a witches cauldron for a Christmas gift to my brother. I dumped kief from my grinder to make it look like it is bubbling and inside the cauldron theres about a gram of oil. Back then I was still using hair straightener. Good times lol

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